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Job Title: Shipping Assistant Manager- All Shifts

Company: Webstaurant Store, Inc.

The Assistant Manager is responsible for facilitating and coordinating daily shift operations in conjunction with all other supervisory/Leadership staff. She/he should be in constant communication with the Shipping Manager on duty, and serve as a liaison between Manager and employees. She/he should have a strong working knowledge of the major areas of shift operation including, but not limited to, grounds shipping, carrier shipping, inventory and stock knowledge.

The Assistant Manager should have a strong understanding of how to consolidate and package both Ground and Common Carrier orders for ideal shipping. She/he should help to facilitate and ensure total shift efficiency and accuracy in all aspects of operations. She/he should have a good working understanding of the multiple computer programs that are utilized on a nightly basis. These programs consist of, but are not limited to, DMS, Web Administrator, and both the SPS and LTL shipping modules. She/he should know how to print orders in both ground and LTL departments as well as be able to trouble shoot various computer programming issues that can arise on a given shift.

The Assistant Manager is also responsible for ensuring that all working policies and procedures are being followed and adhered too and will work in conjunction with Shipping manager to enforce said polices. She/he will also be responsible for helping coordinate and enforcing the delegation of daily operations amongst employees to help ensure the efficiency and accuracy of work being completed.

The Assistant Manager will hold themselves to the highest company standards, leading not only vocally but also by example, and should be in good safety standing. She/he should show good interpersonal and rational competency skills when dealing with and teaching employees. The individual should show the upmost professionalism when confronted with trouble issues during a given shift. The Assistant Manager will give input and sit in on meetings pertaining to employee evaluations and promotions. The Assistant Manager should have a good working knowledge, and be able to operate all lifts utilized within the warehouse. The Assistant Manager duties could consist of, but are not limited to:

  • Conducting meetings when necessary
  • Help in the prioritizing and planning of shift to maximize overall shipping output and accuracy
  • Check orders for accuracy and proper labeling (both during consolidation and packaging)
  • Facilitate any conversations concerning management needs and goals
  • Make sure that all employees are operating within current safety guidelines


  • Must be able push and pull up to 150lbs
  • Must be able to lift and carry up to 50 to 75lbs
  • Must be able to constantly bend, reach, climb, and stand throughout shift

Working alongside and keeping employees on task while holding them to the highest company standards