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Job Opening

Job Title: Logistics Expeditor - 3rd Shift - $13.50

Company: Webstaurant Store, Inc.

The Logistics Expeditor'S main responsibility is to assist each department in assuring that both the warehouse’s inventory and the customer’s orders are maintained efficiently. Each Expeditor is responsible for the completion of multiple tasks each day. These tasks are to be completed in a timely manner and up to performance level, satisfactory to the team’s conditions. Each Expeditor is trained to complete each task and taught methods to work both individually and as a group.

As a Logistics Expeditor, you will:

  • Work directly with customer service and logistics in order to help solve any problems that customers may have with their orders.

  • Be responsible for releasing replacement orders to customers who received an issue with their order.

  • Follow up on order and shipping errors to ensure accuracy and customer satisfaction.

  • Manage the warehouse Order Queue in order to make sure that all orders are getting shipped in a timely manner.

We are looking for a candidate who:

  • Is willing to work in a fast paced environment

  • Has excellent problem solving and analytical skills

  • Is computer literate

  • Can function as part of a team

  • Is very detail oriented when it comes to completing their work


  • Must be able push and pull up to 150lbs

  • Must be able to lift and carry up to 50 to 75lbs

  • Must be able to constantly bend, reach, climb, squat and stand throughout shift