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Job Title: Outbound Optimization Manager

Company: Webstaurant Store, Inc.

The outbound optimization manager will be responsible for leading the outbound optimization team in development initiatives, data analysis, continuous improvement projects and creating necessary structure for processes that should be standardized across all outbound functions in our distribution centers. 

This role will need to bring direction and focus to outbound optimization in our network and be able to identify where efforts are best spent.  It will be important to use the expertise of each team member to identify areas of opportunity and best return on investment.  Projects should be evaluated based on effort, time and feasibility to complete as well as the ROI and benefits it will bring to the outbound network.  Evaluating the return on each initiative will be key as this will help the optimization department as a whole determine priorities. 


As the outbound optimization manager, you will need to focus on leading, developing and empowering your team members to stretch and grow in their roles.  This means continual development, feedback and investment in professional development of those that report to you.  Also, as the manager you will be responsible for growing the team as more work or areas of specification are needed.  In addition to managing and leading, you will be tasked with developing key performance indicators and goals to evaluate the success of your team.


The outbound optimization manager will work in partnership with the Inbound optimization manager as well as the Systems Advisor.  Together, we will work to ensure our operations network is taking the best steps forward to meet company goals. 


  • They should take initiative with little direction, and navigate “gray areas” by asking the right questions and organizing complex or confusing projects into manageable segments
  • Ability to analyze information and processes, identify problems and trends, and develop effective solutions and strategies
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, leadership, coaching, and conflict resolution skills.
  • Ability to see the big picture of the entire operations network and understand how each functional area fits into the operation as a whole.
  • Effectively manage multiple projects that vary in complexity and importance 
  • Ability to provide direction and guidance but also step back and let the team generate ideas and make mistakes