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Job Title: 1st Shift Assistant Manager

Company: Webstaurant Store, Inc.

The 1st Shift Assistant Shipping/Receiving Manager will report to the 1st shift Shipping/Receiving Manager and oversees the entire 1st shift operation. He/She will have extensive knowledge of the various shipping/receiving procedures and protocols as well as Possessing a developmental mindset that ensures continual process improvement and increased warehouse efficiency and production.  The 1st shift Assistant Shipping/Receiving Manager ensures all shipping employees receive adequate training and development so that they will succeed in their respective roles. Additionally, he/she will review any employee not currently meeting standards and expectations, and ensure that employees have been provided all necessary retraining and correction

The 1st shift Assistant Shipping/Receiving Manager works in cooperation with his/her manager to set the appropriate staffing levels and shift assignments in order to achieve warehouse production standards as set by the President of The WebstaurantStore, Inc. The 1st shift Assistant Shipping/Receiving Manager will be responsible for monitoring the daily, weekly, and monthly metrics for Shipping/Receiving; He/She will ensure all consequences of failing to meet the expectations are enforced. 

Furthermore, the 1st shift Assistant Shipping/Receiving Manager will lead weekly and monthly manager meetings to relay all information passed down from his/her manager.  These meetings will provide an overview of current metric standings, areas of improvement, personnel issues, and updates on quarterly initiatives


The job duties of the 1st shift Assistant Shipping/Receiving Manager include, but are not limited to:

  • Monitor daily, weekly, and monthly metrics
  • Maintain proper employment levels to ensure metrics will be met
  • Ensure all developmental employment interactions are documented and recorded
  • Delegate Quarterly initiatives and monitor progress
  • Conduct Daily staff meetings
  • Handle the various Carrier issues that may arise
  • Handle equipment issues
  • Develop continuous procedural improvements 


  • Must be able push and pull up to 150lbs
  • Must be able to lift and carry up to 50 to 75lbs
  • Must be able to constantly bend, squat, reach, climb, and stand throughout shift
  • Must be able to meet & adhere to all safety equipment guidelines, including but not limited to, manufacturer minimum/maximum weight limits
  • Strong Knowledge in Microsoft Word, Excel 

In addition, the 1st shift Assistant Shipping/Receiving Manager must ensure the following basic parameters are met at all times by the appropriate department: 

  • Working to meet an accuracy in shipping of 99.9%
  • Working to ensure that 95% Same day Orders are shipped