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Job Opening

Job Title: Warehouse Recruiter

Company: Webstaurant Store, Inc.

Job Description: 

The Distribution Center Recruiter plans, posts, and maintains all public and internal job postings based on the needs set by the Operations Management Team.  He/She will develop and deploy strategies to meet the staffing goals and deadlines set by the Operations Management Team, including hiring activities such as job fairs and recruiting at local schools.  The Recruiter will raise awareness of job opportunities at the warehouse through the use of signage, radio or television broadcasts, social media posts, and community engagement.  Additionally, the Recruiter will maintain record of hiring and turnover numbers, which will be reported to the warehouse leadership for the purpose of maintaining a culture of great employees only and the necessary staffing to meet all warehouse goals.

Specific Duties:

  • Maintain CAMP job postings, review all candidate’s resumes, and eliminate unhirable candidates
  • Conduct phone screening and face to face interviews with candidates showing potential for hire
  • Present offers to suitable candidates to fill hourly positions within the Distribution Center
  • Submit qualified leadership candidates to the Operations Manager for consideration
  • Effective use of written, oral, and electronic communication to conduct all required tasks
  • Cooperate with the operations team in conducting the First 40 Hours new hire onboard process
  • Source, schedule, and attend regional job fairs: Universities, Colleges, Trade Schools, etc.
  • Coordinate with the Administrative Assistant/Benefits Specialist to onboard new hires
  • Administer an Employee Satisfaction Survey on semi-annual basis
  • Report recruiting activity to the Operations Manager on a weekly basis
  • Conduct a monthly turnover report and lead root cause discussion with management team
  • Continually preserve full staffing levels with proactive hiring initiatives and reducing turnover
  • Meet hiring and turnover goals as set by the Distribution Center Operations Manager

Desired Strengths:

  • Able to work with minimal supervision
  • Strong written and oral communication
  • Promotes the company’s core values
  • Characteristics of an Ideal Team Player
  • Ability to produce results by deadlines set forth by the 854 management team
  • Maintain effective contact with temp staffing and recruiting agencies, as needed:
    • Coordinate meetings with agencies, communicate the needs of the DC
    • Screen temps prior to placing them on a warehouse team
    • Oversee temps’ time clocks for accuracy and manager approvals
    • Ability to work independently as well as being able to work in a team
    • Able to work with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook

Standards and Expectations:

Professional Conduct – Each employee of the WebstaurantStore is required to hold themselves to the highest desired level of professionalism. Individuals that hold leadership positions are required to uphold this level of professionalism at all times given they interact with other professionals both internally and externally. Leadership personnel are also required to build and maintain productive working relationships with all employees to maximize efficiency and support the company culture of “Great Employees Only”.



  • Know the various members of the leadership team and their roles
  • Provide exemplary leadership to each associate within the distribution center
  • Collaborate with all necessary parties in order to create a cohesive and productive workflow


  • Leadership personnel must conduct themselves according to the highest ethical standards and promote an environment that is free of negativity, gossip, or anything nonproductive to the work environment.


  • Work with the leadership team to successfully achieve the goals set forth for each department and the distribution center as a whole
  • Collaborate on ideas to improve operations.

Responsibility and Accountability

  • Work to meet deadlines
  • Maintain standards of transparency within the employee relations role
  • Protect the confidentiality of sensitive employee information