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Job Opening

Job Title: 4th Shift Inventory Control Specialist

Company: Webstaurant Store, Inc.

Job Description: 

The Inventory Control Specialist is responsible for performing and maintaining the following tasks: 

  • Monitoring the flow of inventory and performing data analysis to identify key areas of improvement within the operation. 

  • Documenting and communicating errors through appropriate channels once verified. 

  • Monitoring various reports and queues to ensure accuracy and accessibility of inventory. 

  • Communicating all trending issues to management with suggestions for process improvements.  

  • Ensuring everything possible is being done from an inventory perspective to prevent shipping issues. 

  • Effectively communicating information to appropriate individuals or groups when deemed necessary while demonstrating exceptional email etiquette.  

  • Miscellaneous job-related tasks as assigned by management 

Standards and Expectations: 

Professional Conduct – Each employee of the WebstaurantStore is required to hold themselves to the highest desired level of professionalism. Individuals that hold leadership positions are required to uphold this level of professionalism at all times given they interact with other professionals both internally and externally. Leadership personnel are also required to build and maintain productive working relationships with all employees to maximize efficiency and support the company culture of “Great Employees Only”.  

  • Communication 
  • Know the various members of the leadership team and what their roles are. 
  • Provide exemplary leadership to each associate within the distribution center. 
  • Collaborate with the necessary parties in order to create a cohesive and productive workflow. 
  • Ethics 
  • Leadership personnel must conduct themselves according to the highest ethical standards and promote an environment that is free of negativity, gossip, or anything nonproductive to the work environment.  
  • Teamwork  
  • Work as a leadership team for the good of the department’s and the distribution center’s goals. 
  • Collaborate on ideas to improve operations. 
  • Responsibility and Accountability 
  • Work to meet deadlines and metrics 

 Physical Requirements:

  • Must be able to push and pull up to 150 pounds

The Inventory Control Specialist is responsible for maintaining and ensuring the quality of the warehouse’s inventory.  This entails thoroughly investigating and resolving item issuesperforming accurate inventory adjustments, and effectively corresponding with other departments within the warehouse regarding inventory issuesThe Inventory Control Specialist is responsible for reporting all errors through the appropriate channels to correct ongoing issues and hold associates accountable for errors. The Inventory Control Specialist should have knowledge of product information, inventory control procedures, and maintain a strong attention to detail and accuracy.  He or she should also be a subject matter expert of IDS applications and is expected to gain a thorough understanding of how to read and interpret each line in the translog. The Inventory Control Specialist should have a working knowledge of various Microsoft Office 365 applications and be able to incorporate these applications into their daily workflow. The Inventory Control Specialist should always strive to improve the quality of inventory with the goal of improving the accuracy and efficiency of all processes at a warehouse wide level.  He or she will maintain a good safety rating and be held to the highest company standards at all times.