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Job Opening

Job Title: 2nd Shift Receiving Coordinator, $18.00/hr starting pay

Company: Webstaurant Store, Inc.

As a member of the Receiving Team, you have the primary responsibility for ensuring all incoming and in-stock warehouse products are received and stocked at the highest desired level. The Receiving Coordinator is responsible for scheduling all inbound deliveries, verifying all receiving paperwork, verifying discrepancies on purchase orders, and receiving purchase orders. The Receiving Coordinator should be in constant communication with the Receiving Supervisor, possess email knowledge and etiquette, and provide excellent support to the Receiving team. 

Included but not limited to

  • Schedule all inbound deliveries within the expected timeframe set by management
  • Ensure all delivery receipts, bill of ladings, packing lists, etc. are uploaded/filed daily
  • Verify all discrepancies on purchase orders
  • Effectively communicate via email to all Freight Carriers, Purchasing, Inventory Control et al
  • Receive all purchase orders daily using the Inventory Distribution System
  • Print labels for all Receiving shifts prior to the start of each shift
  • Effectively communicate internally and externally via email and by phone when needed
  • Act as backup to Lead/Supervisor for checking drivers in and assigning a unload area
  • Act as backup to Lead/Supervisor for answering questions for Receiving and Stock Associates
  • Responsible for ensuring all emails sent to PO Control OK and 854-Receiving email groups are resolved within timeframe set by management
  • Must remain current with all SOPs both internally and corporate driven (Ops Wiki)


  • Able to push and pull up to 150lbs
  • Able to lift and carry up to 75lbs
  • Must be able to constantly bend, reach, climb, and stand throughout the shift
  • Can prioritize and balance multiple responsibilities
  • Must have excellent problem solving and analytical skills
  • Thrives in a fast and changing environment
  • Must be detailed oriented
  • Must be proficient in using a personal computer and/or handheld device
  • Must have working knowledge of Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, SharepPoint


Standards and Expectations:

Professional Conduct

Each employee of the WebstaurantStore is required to hold themselves to the highest desired level of professionalism. Individuals that hold a leadership or specialized position are required to uphold this level of professionalism at all times given that they interact with other professionals both internally and externally. Leadership personnel are also required to build and maintain productive working relationships with all employees to maximize efficiency and support the company culture of “Great Employees Only”.



  • Know the various members of the leadership team and what their roles are.
  • Provide exemplary support functions to each member of the Receiving Leadership team.
  • Collaborate with the necessary parties in order create a cohesive and productive workflow.
  • Remain in constant communication with Receiving Leadership
  • Communicate any issues with processes, workflows, or other duties to management.


  • Conduct yourself according to the highest ethical standards and promote an environment of that is free of negativity, gossip, or anything nonproductive to the work environment.



  • Work to support the Receiving team so the department is able to meet the distribution center’s goal.
  • Collaborate on ideas to improve operations
  • Be open minded and receptive on input from co-workers


Responsibility and Accountability

  • Work to meet deadlines and metrics
  • Remain work focused and productive

2nd Shift Receiving hours:  Monday through Thursday 12:00pm to 10:30pm