Our Purchasing department plays a key role in the growth and development of Clark Associates. The Purchasing team is always looking for new products, building relationships with companies, and exploring opportunities to aid the company's continued growth. If you're looking for truly fulfilling work in an environment that encourages forward thinking, consider applying today!

An Inside Look

Senior Vendor Manager

Shortly after graduating from Millersville University with a degree in Business Administration, I was hired by Clark Associates in 2010. Although the company wasn't nearly as large then as it is now, it was clear to see which direction the company was headed. I’ve gained valuable knowledge and skills in my time here at Clark Associates which led to my current position as a Senior Vendor Manager. Inventory management, vendor management, program and price negotiation, and product sourcing are a few of my responsibilities. I've witnessed a tremendous amount of growth in the company since joining Clark. With a wide variety of departments, there are endless opportunities for career growth. Through hiring and developing many employees right out of college, Clark Associates has transformed the status quo of the foodservice industry.

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