About Us


Our approach to business is how well we can service the customer. How do we do it? We work tirelessly to offer the broadest and best assortment of product, the best price and value, and to always be in stock. Then, we distribute our products through individual businesses tailored to fit specific customer needs. It’s about finding better ways to serve you.


The Clark Associates Companies grew out of a small electrical contracting business. Two things we've held onto from our humble beginnings are our sense of ingenuity and the ability to troubleshoot problems to create solutions.


All companies have people. Not all companies, however, have great people. We have the kind of people that won't rest until the customer is satisfied. Our people are what make Clark Associates what it is today.


Our commitment to integrity and ethics is paramount above all else. We also give back to the communities we do business in through the Clark Associates Charitable Foundation.


Our roots take us way back to 1971. A lot has changed since then, but one thing that hasn't is our dedication to our customers. We're an established business with a solid foundation for the future.


We have the largest staff in the United States of both Certified Food Service Professionals (CFSP) and Commercial Food Equipment Service Association (CFESA) Certified Technicians. Continuous learning helps our staff stay sharp. See a list of certified people below.

Staff Certifications

Level 1
75+ Points

Aaron Weber
Amber Pfautz
Amy Wagner
Angelica Kimble
Ashley Intelisano
Becky Smith
Bob Kelchner
Brian Montgomery
Caitlin Higgins
Dave Groff
Deann Michener
Ethan Gibble
Fred Clark
Gene Clark
Jamie Rottmund
Jason Rieker
Jeff Dahl
Jim Stephens
Kylie Brubaker
Leidra Horton
Lia Kambouroglos
Lisa Stoltzfus
Marla Stauffer
Michelle Wighaman
Monica Smullen
Patrick Brown
Paul Holliday
Rick Reardon
Ryan Tiburtini
Samantha Nocheck
Shawn McGinley
Steve Butt
Steve Ziegler
Tyler Latshaw
Walt Montgomery

Level 2
55-74 Points

Adam Galambos
Alexa Kelley
Andy Surprenant
Andrew Barshinger
Chelsey Texter
Cleo Mellinger
Craig Yoder
Curt Casciano
Daniel Roberts
Dan Sparkes
Emily Peel Joraskie
Emily Smith
Jacob King
Jamie Coldren
Jasmine LaGore
Jeff Miller
Josh Killian
Karis Eccleston
Katie Gerz
Kevin Chanko
Megan Longhi
Mary Warrell
Matt Essig
Melissa Fenske
Mike Good
Monica Martin
Natalie Anderson
Nick Sisonick
Quentin Kruger
Stephanie Nace
Steve Fricke
Steve Leaman
Steve Young
Taylor Adams
Tyler Newhook
Zachary Payne

Level 3
35-54 Points

Alan Peterson
Alex Southard
Alexis Herron
Allison Marshall
Ali Martincek
Amanda Brown
Andrew Newhook
Angela Raieski
Andrew Stoltzfus
Anthony Marchino
Anton Katsch
Bella Rizzo
Bob Sickler
Callie McClanahan
Chris Brinkley
Chris Sites
Christopher Mathis
Claude Vocht
Cody Stryker
Courtney Sykes
Dan Snell
Dana Smith
Danielle Cargile
Dave Brandt
Devin Rowe
Elizabeth Funk
Eric Bohannon
Eric Monywiir
Ethan Quirk
Francisco Sanchez
Guiseppe Grella
Hilary Stoner
Ian Senft
Iris Lee
Jackie Trout
James Wang
Janson Long
Jeff Gamble
Jeff Heckel
Jeff Tuck
Jeremy Reifinger
Jim Gotwald
Joel Hough
John Erisman
John Paul Welliver
John Witmer
Jon Collier
Jonathan Perez
Jordan Southard
Joseph Mattos
Josh Brobst
Justin Bord
Justin Cisney
Justin Sheaffer
Kaelea Junkin
Kaitlyn Schroding
Kathleen Peach
Kayla Nelson
Kevin Burg
Kevin Hershey
Kiersten Hoak
Krista Cassidy
Lauren Vernon
Lisa Wick
Luke Hursh
Mark Kozlowski
Melissa Maclellan
Mark Pepper
Megan Peacock
Melissa Vacaro
Michael Sutter
Miguel Gutierrez
Mike Diudea
Molly Knox
Morgan Bard
Nick Hoffman
Nicole Gausch
Nicolette Siermine
Pat Russo
Pete Fisher
Phil Snyder
Reeves Connolly
Rob Kidhardt
Ryan Loose
Ryan McCarty
Ryan Platt
Sam Maniglia
Sarah Krauter
Shane Davis
Shannon Arkatin
Shelly Rabe
Steve Geltmacher
Terasita Smith
Tim Reese
Tom Giachero
Tony Shue
Tricia Wilkerson
Wil Duke
Zach Fried
Zach Horst
Zach Moore