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Streamlined distribution for the modern multi-unit

As technological demands evolve in the food service industry, Clark Associates has expanded to offer a comprehensive package of custom business solutions. Solutions focus on procurement, distribution, and fulfillment and facilitate the creation of an efficient platform for E&S business. Clark National Accounts provides multi-unit operators with consolidated services tailored to their needs, supporting and optimizing business infrastructure.

For an intuitive interface, our content team curates your catalog with relevant information and turns it into a digital database. The private portal then gives operators on-demand access to supplies for quick reordering. Access to stock level data and real time order status provides additional support and inventory transparency.

Inventory services benefit your business by making our company-owned and operated distribution network available for your use. Its strategic placement nationwide allows for ultra-fast ship times, while our automated routing system uses complex logic to ensure on-time deliveries, regardless of weather or other complicating factors. With freight management, you can ship products how you want, wherever you want, and leave the legwork to our network of national and international carriers.

Clark understands that different businesses have different needs, so we offer tailored fulfillment services to keep you in control. Our custom reporting tools gather data to assist in your decision-making process, enhancing forecasting accuracy and conducting research on your behalf. Procurement and warehousing services accommodate your terms by enabling you to buy direct, utilize our national network of suppliers, and determine warehousing strategies to best house your custom products.

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