A career in our Logistics department offers the exciting opportunity to use your problem-solving skills on a daily basis! Our team of dedicated professionals helps the purchasing and delivery needs of foodservice professionals worldwide while building strong relationships with our customer base. If you're looking for a team-oriented work environment where each day provides a new challenge, consider submitting an application today!

An Inside Look

Logistics Liaison II

I graduated from Elizabethtown College in 2014. I started working here at the WebstaurantStore in the Logistics department just two short days after graduation. I currently am a level two Logistics Liaison, which is one of several advancement paths in Logistics. I enjoy working in the Logistics department here because we are in regular contact with every department making sure the ordering process is running smoothly. I love the WebstaurantStore mainly due to the people (and people’s dogs) I have the pleasure of working with and the culture that surrounds us. It is not like many companies out there. It is a very laid back and fun environment. Everyone's opinion matters and every voice will be heard. I consider myself extremely lucky to have the opportunity to work for such a successful and growing company.

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