11400 Inc. Designs Save State Taxpayers Over $2 Million In 2009

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(Lancaster, PA) –11400 Inc., a subsidiary of Clark Associates, contributed to saving Pennsylvania taxpayers over $2 million in public funds for schools statewide in 2009.

Through the use of equivalent products, aggressive pricing, and more efficient designs, the team at 11400 Inc. was able to save taxpayers money while delivering solutions that met the school districts’ needs.

Locally, 11400 Inc. was able to help Columbia Borough School District in Columbia, Pa. save over $150,000 on its recent high school renovation project, in part by providing alternate manufacturers to the ones originally included in the kitchen design. The school board and design team’s cooperation with 11400 Inc. was also instrumental in helping the district achieve its vision and use public funds more responsibly.

In addition to saving tax payer money, the company was able to keep more work in the state by utilizing Pennsylvania- based manufacturers in lieu of the out of state companies originally included in the project.

11400 Inc. is a Lancaster, Pennsylvania based wholly owned subsidiary of Clark Associates, Inc. currently doing business in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. 11400 Inc. reviews and bids hundreds of food service equipment jobs each year that range from minor renovations to large-scale multi-million dollar foodservice facilities.

About Clark Associates:

Clark Associates is a privately held company headquartered in Lancaster, PA. Employing over 350 people, Clark’s multiple divisions and branches in mechanical, sales, and manufacturing serve a variety of commercial food service customers nationwide. For more information on our business and history, please visit www.clarkinc.biz.

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